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Analytics of Ukrainian Agrarian Markets (June, 2014)


Maize was the most unpredictable segment of the grain market in June because of decrease in price. The reasons of this are keen demand and expectation of large world harvest (981 tons) and as result low world price.  The prices for Ukrainian maize of new harvest are 200-210 UDS/t, FOB and 1700-1800 UAH/t on the conditions of CPT-port.

Wheat Market. In June wheat market was characterized by slight price fluctuation within 2-5 USD/t. Thus, prices for wheat varied from 248 to 253 USD/t. Forage wheat increased in price by 4 USD/t and average price was 229 USD/t. On the domestic market exporters offered 2400-2500 UAH/t on the conditions of CPT-port.

Sunflower Seeds Market. Prices for sunflower seeds tended to decreasing on pretext of large supply of oil-yielding crops. According to this difference between supply and demand prices were minimum and in the further purchasing price will keep decreasing.  

Dairy Market. Price stability with slight increasing characterized dairy market in June. Thus, purchasing prices for milk of the highest quality increased by 0,25% - 4 UAH/kg, milk of the first quality – by 0,26% (3,85 UAH/kg). Price for the milk of extra quality remained the same – 4,04 UAH/kg.

Pork Market. In June price for pork of the first category works out at 23-24,5 UAH/kg of live weight and as for pork of the second category – 22-23,5 UAH/kg. Thus, there was a slight increase in price by 1,5 UAH/kg.

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