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Agrarian Ukraine: Grain Market Monitoring (March 2014)


Wheat. The price for wheat has tendency to grow with great pace. In terms of delivery EXW- elevator and CPT ports, prices increased by 100-220 UAH/ton, and in terms of FOB 3-5 USD/ton. Prices for fodder wheat are increasing more rapidly - in terms of delivery EXW- elevator prices increased by 270-300 UAh/ton, delivery conditions of CPT port - 200 UAH/ton.

Ukraine has already sold more than 80% of the export potential of wheat, so there is a significant decline in export shipments. For the present moment 93% of winter crops are in good and satisfactory condition. Thus, if weather conditions do not deteriorate in March, sowing of winter crops will be carried out on an area less than 500 ha.

Barley. Due to limited supply in the market of grain crops, prices for barley are remaining unchanged – 1600-1720 EXW elevators; 1680-1800 CPT ports; FOB – 240-245 USD/ton.

Maize. Prices for maize keep increasing by 350-410 UAH/ton (EXW-elevators); 220 UAH/ton (CPT-port) and 5-6 USD/ton (FOB).

Sunflower. Prices for sunflower didn’t avoid increasing as well though with not such grate pace as wheat did. In terms of EXW-elevators prices increased by 100 UAH/ton, 50 UAH/ton  - CPT port and 10-15 USD/ton in terms of delivery of FOB.

Soybeans. The limited supply and increased demand on the domestic market, the devalvation of the hryvnia caused the increasing of prices for soy beans – by 100-200 UAH\ton (EXW-elevators and CPT ports) and 15 USD/ton (FOB). 

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