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Ukraine heads for establishing a joint (Ukraine-EU) strategy of agricultural sector development


From the very first days, newly appointed leadership of Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food has headed for establishing a joint (Ukraine-EU) strategy of agricultural sector development.

Thus, Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine, Igor Shvayka became an initiator of meeting with diplomatic corps and international organizations to present the directions of the further development of agricultural sector. The Minister emphasizes that Ukraine is going to implement its policy concerning agricultural sector with more clarity and openness to the international community. Ukraine is conscious about its growing influence on the global food market and wants to be more responsible for its possible consequences.

On April 23 within II International «Agroforum Balticum» which was held in Tartu, Estonia, Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine took part in session of target group. It was dedicated to the discussion of export potential, trade relations and restrictions, transformation of agrarian policies of the country-members of EU. As it was admitted that Ukraine is open to adopt and implement best practices of European countries as well as share own experience. Due to the further integration of Ukraine to the global food market, it tends to work on a joint (Ukraine-EU) strategy of agricultural sector development and create favourable business environment in deed and not in name to create a global food security.

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